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Targeted email list Rental is an extremely effective method of acquiring new customers at a fraction of the cost of direct mail. Based on the goals and target market, we can recommend targeted opt-in lists that we feel will achieve the marketers return on investment.

The most effective strategy is to determine a testing budget and diversify that budget across several targeted lists to determine which the strongest performers are. If you were purchasing stocks you would not put all your savings in one stock for fear that it may not be successful. The same dynamic is applicable to email list Rental. Based on the performance of the lists, you can determine which are the strongest performers and focus your future marketing efforts on that data as opposed to risking "putting all their eggs in one basket."

Neteazy, LLC. performs the following tasks for your List Rental campaign:

  • Work with you to discuss your target market - this includes consultation on best practices to determine the top audience for your message.
  • Research the best possible lists to hit that target market - We only work with the top reputable list brokers in the US so you can be sure that the names are coming from only reputable web sites.
  • Negotiate the best possible rates - for the chosen lists.
  • Craft the e-mail itself - This involves the e-mail copy and graphic design of the e-mail body. We also will consult on the campaign based on the previously determined goals.
  • Implement the campaign - Working with the chosen lists we would execute the campaign to make sure it goes out on time and on budget.
  • Reporting on all aspects of the campaign – this includes number of e-mails sent, number opened, number of clicks and number of conversions(if available).


    Have you ever had to register to look at content on a website? Think of the New York Times or iVillage, these sites have free content but in exchange for that freedom you are required to register. They do this in order to understand their users better and offer that aggregated data to advertisers that want to deliver more targeted ads.

    Now wouldn't it be nice to be able to piggyback on some of those great brands with your own registration? With Neteazy, LLC. you can.

    Here is how it works:

  • We work with you to establish the type of data you want to collect. You can do just simple data points like Name, e-mail and physical address or you can ask specific questions in a survey format.
  • Once we establish the data points a price per name is quoted. This is what it will cost you to acquire only a qualified person. You do not pay for people who do not match your desired criteria.
  • We will write the ad copy in order to ensure maximum qualified sign ups.
  • The buy gets implemented and you will get a weekly e-mail with all the people who have opted in to your offer.
  • This is one of the most fool-proof ways of quickly building a huge database of people for your business. We can even do a double opt in in order to ensure that all the e-mail address are qualified.
  • If you want to market to a database of real prospects or just survey the marketplace for crucial data, then co-registration is a program that produces results.



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