Client: New York Wine & Culinary Center Project: eCommerce/POS 

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The Client

The New York Wine & Culinary Center is a state of the art facility designed to inspire people to explore their culinary talents and celebrate their love for food and wine using hands-on techniques. The Center offers classes that anyone can register for and attend, with a wide variety offered. There is also a gourmet restaurant, state of the art boutique and many other services, such as wine tasting that are offered at the Center. The $7.5 million facility was built by local sponsors and is located in the heart of New York's winery district, on Canandaigua Lake.

The Problem

Being a truly unique and one-of-a-kind facility, this client required several cutting-edge solutions. The first thing they needed was a walk-in reservation system for people who were patrons at the Center, which was closely followed by a request for an online reservation system, for its online users.

The Solution

Neteazy not only formulated solutions for there problems, and successfully fulfilled all of their requirements, but utilizing their knowledge and hands-on experience, the team of developers suggested a solution the Center could not have even imagined.

Neteazy initially developed an application for people who were actually within the Center, who wanted to register for one or more of the classes currently available. This application is currently in use, and is available for users on terminals set-up around the Center. The online reservation system was designed for users who wish to register for classes via their website. Both applications are completely customizable, so in the future, they will easily be utilized for an online store, whenever the Center is ready to move on to this level. Neteazy created these applications in such a manner, that there are multiple uses, all determined by the staff member and/or user.

The solution created by Neteazy that the team developed independently is a POS system which links their in-store system with their online system. This enables the Center to synchronize data entered within the Center with data entered via their website, all into one central database. Literally with the click of a button, all of the data is broken down into a single report, automatically. This has streamlined their operation for reserving classes and money collection, and in the future will make the transition to an online store simple and headache free.

The New York Wine & Culinary Center is currently utilizing all of the solutions implemented by Neteazy, and could not be more satisfied with the results and outcome.



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